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Handmade Holiday Ornaments



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Ornaments take 3-5 business days to produce, as they are 100% handmade.

Note: Bows might be a different color from the sample photo, but will match ornament perfectly.

Blue Monogram
Green Monogram
Holiday Ornament Monogram Blue
Holiday Ornament Monogram Green
Pink Monogram
Red Monogram
Holiday Ornament Monogram Pink
Holiday Ornament Monogram Red
Teal Monogram
Santa Cam
Holiday Ornament Monogram Teal
Holiday Ornament Santa Cam
Blue Unicorn
Pink Unicorn
Holiday Ornament Unicorn Blue
Holiday Ornament Unicorn Pink
Purple Unicorn
Teal Unicorn
Holiday Ornament Unicorn Purple
Holiday Ornament Unicorn Teal